Dashing Through the Snow: Winter’s Must-Have Menswear Styles

by juliannecronin

The following is a guest post by Julianne Cronin of The Wink.

Attention men! If your wife has left this article open on her computer, it’s because she is trying to give you a hint. Believe me, she is just as tired of seeing those grungy jeans as you are of wearing them. It’s time to hit the refresh button on your wardrobe – keep reading for winter’s must-have menswear styles!

The Fisherman’s Sweater

Ditch your ratty college sweatshirt and upgrade to a cozy Fisherman’s sweater in an interesting weave. Marled knits and thick cables are in right now and so hot for winter (see what I did there?). Layered over a collared shirt, they provide the right amount of warmth and make you look like you put in a modicum of effort.


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The Tailored Overcoat

A crisp, tailored overcoat is miles better than your ten-year-old parka. It should be a simple, straight-cut coat with no belts or extra buttons. When in doubt, watch the show Luther and try not to covet Idris Elba’s iconic tailored overcoat.


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The Dark Denim

Regardless of your gender, sleek, dark denim looks good on literally everyone. Admittedly, it can be hard to find the perfect pair, but make sure to look for some that are slightly fitted. Stay away from distressed or whiskered denim, which can make you look dated.


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The Plaid Flannel

This winter, it’s okay to embrace your inner Paul Bunyon and rock the plaid flannel shirt. In fact, go ahead and layer it underneath your Fisherman’s sweater and feel like a boss. Bonus: it’s basically like wearing your pajamas to work (we won’t tell).


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The Leather Boots

There is absolutely no excuse for wearing your sneakers in the snow this winter. Keep those dogs toasty and dry by upgrading to a pair of quality, leather boots. Investing in a pair will keep your feet warm for many more winters to come.


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The Wood Watch

This may seem a bit perplexing at first, but hear me out: wooden watches are so amazingly cool. Pick one up in a dark wood and be prepared for it to become a conversation piece. It brings a whole new meaning to, “do you have the time?”.


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What menswear styles are you excited to wear this winter?