Winter-Ready Styles That Won’t Ruin Your Outfit

by juliannecronin

The following is a guest post by Julianne Cronin of The Wink.

It can be all too easy to forgo any semblance of a style when the temperatures drop below freezing, reaching for your old puffy jacket and threadbare mittens to keep warm. Amp up your cold-weather style this winter with these winter-ready pieces that won’t ruin your outfit!

Borrow from the boys and try a tailored overcoat instead of your usual grubby ski jacket (no judgement, we all have one!). An exaggerated wool blazer style in a longer length will provide warmth when the temps drop to bone-chilling and below. Select one in gray, camel, or black to keep your winter look polished and chic.


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L.L. Bean boots are always practical, and thankfully, they’re stylish, too! Who knew a pair of durable, utilitarian boots would make their rounds in the style world? Pair them with thick wool socks bunched over skinny jeans for a look that’s as practical as it is cozy. Whether sloshing through snow, ice, or rain, these beauties will keep your feet warm and dry.


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The definitive choice for hosiery during winter will always be Wolford stockings. Snatch up a pair and wear with your dresses and skirts to work all winter long. There’s nothing quite like a pair of Wolfords to keep your gams warm and toasty in the winter; they’re super warm and last forever without a snag or hole.


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If thinking about wearing a wool sweater makes you break out in hives, try one made out of alpaca instead. Alpaca is just as soft as cashmere and just as warm as wool. Try wearing an oversized alpaca sweater with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots and win at an effortless cold-weather style.


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The most underrated winter accessory? Earmuffs! They protect your ears from icy winds and don’t cause the dreaded hat hair (and static!) that a traditional winter hat does. Bonus: they make you look adorable.


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What pieces are you excited to add to your closet this winter?