5 Tips to Get Organized for the Holidays

by Totspot Team

5 tips to get organized for the holidaysThe following is a guest post by Becky Hellwig. Becky is a lifestyle and tech blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She blogs at Siliconvalleylodge.com and is active on Instagram.

It’s not even Thanksgiving but now is the time to get organized for Christmas. Yes, there’s a lot of work in creating Christmas joy for your family, but with a little planning ahead you can find time to relax and enjoy the season with your loved ones.

5 Tips to Get Organized for the Holidays

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Instead of pulling out your hair, pull out the calendar.

How many more weekends until Christmas? Start booking your babysitters NOW! I have three girls under 7, so I always have a minimum of five sitters on my roster.

Don’t forget to schedule Santa, Christmas shopping, hair cut, house cleaner, drinks with the gals, group date nights, hot chocolate with the kids, and holiday family movies.

Be sure to check your Evite account for RSVPs and reminders, too.

shutterstock_322170788Get your Christmas lists together early.

What about the extended family? We always host a Christmas swap with the adults. Everyone brings a gift to swap that is a minimum of $20.

Instead, since you’re all about getting organized now, check out Elfster.com. It is Secret Santa tech style. You can even sign in and share on Facebook. Bonus!!

Do you really need to send holiday cards?

I like receiving them, but I adore watching your Jib Jab videos and so do the kids. If you are set on holiday cards, make sure you pick out your favorite card or schedule that favorite photographer now.

Oh now, you’re panicking about the perfect dress for your cuties? Totspot has some festive outfits to choose from at a fraction of the cost. Plus you can order now and you don’t have to chase after the other size all over town.

shutterstock_152664509Get those stockings ready early.

Don’t you hate that panic? Oh my … it’s time to run to those huge red stores and see what they have for $3. Or better yet, those $1 stores the night before Christmas.

What are you putting in the kids’ stockings? What about yours? Some ideas include:

  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Toothbrushes
  • Dental floss
  • Hair accessories
  • Hand sanitizer in fun colors
  • Movie tickets
  • My Little Pony (daughters are getting them)

shutterstock_225461647_webDo you have enough wrapping paper, bows, tags and tape?

Take inventory now and stock your secret stash with all the necessary supplies.

These were just a few tips from a recent book I read by author Kathi Lipp, “Get Yourself Organized for Christmas”.  Boy, she has tons but I don’t want to stress you out with more ideas.

Merry Christmas!