Heroes Among Us: A Look at Military Families in the Totspot Community

by Totspot Team

The following is a guest post by Totspot seller Heather Gear (@heathergear).

If you’re like me, you live on a quiet street in a decent sized town with a grocery store and Target not too far away. The only men and women you see in uniform are the occasional police office on their patrol or a firefighter washing the truck outside the firehouse (a huge hit with your littles!)

But there are some among us in the Totspot Community who see uniforms much more often, and some even wear them. They are the Military mamas and papas who serve. They are the heroes among us.

I want to tell you about three military families within the Totspot Community.

veterans day

Veronica Laughter and her husband were both active duty Air Force during the early 2000s. Her husband is currently in the Air National Guard. They’ve only had to move three times, but they’ve deployed six times total between the two of them.

They have three children, ages 1 to 11. Possible deployment and family obligations kept Veronica from re-enlisting. It would have been too hard on the family.

Veronica says the military tries hard not to deploy parents at the same time. She thinks that kids are almost more resilient than the adults when a parent deploys. The kids miss her husband but as long as she keeps their daily routine going they are fine.

veterans day
Shayna Michaels married into the military. Her husband, Ben, is a U.S. Marine. They’ve been married for three years and have only moved once, but she had to choreograph the whole move herself while Ben was away on a training exercise!

They have a 15-month old girl and another baby on the way. Shayna started selling on Totspot because she loved acquiring a wardrobe for her baby girl but it was breaking the bank. She tried other forms of buying and selling but felt Totspot was the safest and easiest.

Shayna and Ben live by the slogan “Semper Gumby” meaning always flexible. She can’t lament that her husband missed most of their daughter’s first year. These are sacrifices that someone has to make in order to provide national security.

Even amidst the seemingly harsh consequences, Ben and other services members love their jobs and love serving our country.

Military Families
Jessica Martinez comes from a long line of military service. Her grandfather, father, and three uncles all served in various branches. She was a Marine for ten years and did two tours in Iraq.

Since she grew up as a military kid, Jessica’s moved too many times to count. But she’s lived in some pretty cool places including Belgium, Hawaii, California, Oregon, and North and South Carolina.

Jessica says that service members of course make sacrifices, but their families make more. “There were plenty of times my family didn’t know my safety when I was deployed in Iraq and that can be stressful on anyone emotionally and physically.”

She had to leave her 14-month old son during one of her deployments to Iraq. He was still nursing and she had to wean him cold turkey. When she came back, her son didn’t recognize her and that was heartbreaking for her.

The selflessness of these moms, dads, and families means there is safety and freedom in my neighborhood, community, and country. For that, I am eternally grateful. And in my book, these families who serve our country are heroes.