Finding the Right Fall & Winter Coats For Your Kids

by Shari Stamps

With Fall upon us and Winter looming in the next few months it’s the perfect time to look through the kiddo’s coats and jackets to make sure they still fit! But which kind of coat will you buy? We’ve outlined a few coat options so you can get your munchkin in just the right one.

Collage of coats for Fall and Winter

Lined: Some coats are fully lined with fur or faux fur while others just have a rim of faux fur around the hood. This is one option for retaining warmth in the coat, and shielding the wearer from wind. Instead of fur, some coats are lined with a thicker, more allergy-friendly option. This lining can be soft, zip out of the coat for a lighter wear on less chilly days, or it may be built-in. This is a great option for kids with poor circulation.

Waterproof: Does it rain a lot where you are? Both a waterproof coat and one that repels water will keep your little one dry, and so also warm. This is a great option to pair with an inner lining or to add on top of a vest if it doesn’t have a built-in warmer lining.

Pockets: Though most coats have at least 1-2 pockets, some have a additional utility pockets — A few inside hidden pockets as well as a pen pocket and two hand pockets for even more hidden toy fun. Do you need pockets for all your kiddo’s things? Be sure to check out the pockets before you buy.

Hooded: Not all coats have a hood, and not everyone enjoys having a hood on their coat. If your kiddo prefers wearing a scarf and beanie because the hood annoys them (or gets caught on a lot of things as they walk around), then the hoodless option might be best. Just keep in mind that when it’s super cold your child might enjoy wearing the beanie and scarf under the hood of the coat. Having the hood on your coat (some may even include a detachable hood), also allows kids the option of having the hood on or not for a bit of protection from frigid winds.

Cutesy: Have you seen the little hats with cat ears on them? Adorable! Coats are no different. There are hooded coats with little fox, bear or cat ears sticking out the top for little ones, or unicorn and other fun character patterns. There are also very serious coats that look stylish and serve their function, but don’t have a cutesy button or pattern details. Think about whether or not this matters to you. Do you want the coat to be cute and fun or dressy to wear for special occasions?

Button or Zipper: Depending on where you live, a button or zipper option may be best for your coat. Consider the type of button or zipper on the coat you’re looking at and be sure your child can zip or button and unbutton the coat when wearing gloves in case of emergency. Your choice should also have another panel or layer of fabric so that snow or rain doesn’t get through. A double breasted coat or covered zipper is great for this.

Check out the Totspot app to sell last year’s coats and buy new ones just right for this year, and click over to for some warm and fuzzy coat inspiration.


Shari Wargo Stamps is a California-based freelance content creator, event planner/consultant and the creator of, the lifestyle site for parents. Connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope!