Why I Let My Kids Dress Themselves

by Totspot Team

The following is a guest post by Totspot seller Heather Gear. Be sure to check out her closet @heathergear.

The good, the bad, and the oh-so colorful!

My kids have been involved in picking out their clothes from about 6 months on. In those early days I’d hold up two options and let them grab what they liked. Without fail favorite outfits emerged, even that early!

My oldest daughter, Smalls, always picked a Gymboree dress in blue and green floral. She has always seemed opinionated about her clothing. I’ll never forget the soft baby pink outfit my MIL bought her. Every single time she wore it she would have a diaper blow out. Every time! I guess that wasn’t her favorite.

As we’ve entered the toddler and preschool years, her tastes have changed very little. She doesn’t like her clothing too fitted and gets frustrated with too many of something (buttons, ruffles, bows, etc). She’s never been afraid of color. In fact, she never picks the basic black leggings out of her dresser. She’d rather dress head to toe in a single color while mixing patterns.

She’s extremely independent and loves the autonomy of being allowing to pick out her clothes.

Here is a selection of her past week of clothing. She likes to get dressed in her closet and yell “I’m ready” for me to come and see.
Heather Gear Guest Post
I would never label Smalls as a ‘fashionista’ she’s just creative and likes to be comfortable. While she has some great brands in her closet I don’t buy them for the fashionable element. I steer towards them for their top quality and timeless colors and patterns.

Of course we have guidelines about weather and our activities, but it opens the door to discussions on making wise decisions. Recently she got new shoes. Not just any shoes but Michael Kors sparkle mary janes. She wore them three days in a row and on the third day got a bad blister. I had warned her before leaving the house that morning to grab a second pair of shoes just in case but she did’t listen. Let’s just say I ended up carrying her most of the day because she refused to put anything on her feet in fear of it hurting her boo-boo. It was a lesson well learned.

Now that she’s 3 (nearly 4!) I let her pick things out before I buy them. Totspot has made that process so much easier. In the past I just picked out several things at a few nice consignment stores and hoped she’d like them once she grew into them. Most of the time she only wore 30% of what I bought. Now if I take her to a shop, she gets distracted and usually wants me to buy something not on the shopping list.

With Totspot I can search, like and review with her when I’m ready to buy. She loves getting the items in the mail too. Especially when they are wrapped like presents!

We live in a much more fashion-obsessed, image-obsessed culture then when we were little. I want to raise my girls with a solid understanding that fashion is fun while having confidence in themselves is so much more important. That’s why I let them wear what they want. If they are confident walking into the world wearing 10 different colors, then I’m their proud mama.