4 Tips for Selling Halloween Costumes

by Totspot Team

The following is a guest post by Justine Dorton. Be sure to check out her Totspot closet @mountainwriter.

Halloween is just around the corner, and selling your old Halloween costumes can be a great way to make some money to buy new ones!

Halloween costumes can be tricky, largely because most costumes have a gazillion details in every little corner of the costume. Photographing every little detail is hard, describing the costume fully is hard, and making sure your weight doesn’t go over is hard!

Here are 4 tips to make selling your Halloween costumes easy.

1. Taking a lot of photos is a must. @ohhaithur has a great example. She’s selling a ladybug costume and has photo after photo of all the darling details.
Ladybug Costume

2. Another idea would be to show off your tot in the costume. @sarahsharp5313 has some great examples of her daughter strutting her stuff in a corpse bride costume. Pull out those photos from last year and consider adding them to your listing.
Corpse Bride Costume

3. When you’re describing your costume, make sure to add all the words that will help someone find it when searching. For our ladybug example, words such as Halloween, costume, ladybug, red, wings, and embroidery, plus sizing info are all descriptive and searchable words to help your costume be seen by more people.

The more descriptive words, the better. Totspot gives you a lot of space to make a literary splash with your description. Don’t be afraid to dive in.

Make sure to accurately describe the condition as well. If there’s a Candy Corn stain on the leg, be sure to mention it! Other items to mention would be wash wear for knit fabrics, pilling, snags, color fading, stretched out fabric, and any other condition that would be noticeable.

You want your buyer to pull this out of the box and know exactly what she’s getting.

4. As far as shipping goes, use your kitchen scale to make sure you know where you’re at. A lot of costumes can get heavy, so check to be sure.

If you’re over 2 pounds, you should be aware that the additional shipping charges are $2 per pound. You can mention this in your listing and add that amount into your listing price, or you can plan to just pay for that yourself.

If the costume is small enough to be under 13 ounces, just remember to use your own packaging materials and not the Priority Mail boxes.

So, let’s get on it and list those costumes! Halloween will be here in no time.

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