How to Wrap Your Sale Perfectly (Part 3)

by Totspot Team

Part Totspotter, part packaging artist – that’s how we would describe Sarah (sarahsharp5313). Sarah’s taken her #TotDelivery to a totally different level in the name of making that kiddo happy. We also like to think that Sarah’s having a heck of a time packaging her Tot sales! This is no waste of the pretty.


I don’t know about you, but at my house, no one gets excited about a package full of clothes except me. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard more than once “Mamaaaaa, clothes are NOT Christmas/birthday gifts!”

My daughter, Addison, is 9 years old and not even a little bit girly. She wants nothing to do with pink, ruffles or even a headband. When we shop, she picks up camo and skeletons on skateboards (from the boys section). I cringe and my heart breaks a little each time. Which is why in order to get photos like the ones below, I’m left with no choice but to either threaten or bribe her hateful little behind. Just kidding – she’s an amazing, independent little sassy-pants beauty!

IMG_6071 IMG_0048Photo by Sarah Garland Photography, Summersville, WV.

For this reason, I like to make my Totspot packages all about the kiddo. I feel like mom is already getting something to be excited about by scoring a great deal on that fancy schmancy dress or those awesome Chuck Taylor high tops (both available in my Totship – wink wink!). Plus, in larger packages, I make sure to include extra savings towards mom’s next visit to my shop in a fun “Pop Me” balloon. I love knowing that when their package arrives, someone’s sweet little gal is gonna get a thrill out of opening it up and finding a party inside complete with confetti and gifts. If she’s like mine, she’s gonna be more excited about the fun of opening an awesome package and finding a cool gift than any old clothes. Geez, mom!

So, how do I start my packaging process? Let me warn you: for me, it is not a short process. I spend a30 to 45 minutes on each package trying to make sure that they are unique and awesome.

First, I check to see if the mama that has purchased from me has any items in her own Totshop. Looking at what she’s selling can sometimes, not always, give me an idea of her little’s personality. I keep a basket of fun, lightweight goodies to include as gifts for the kiddo that’s gonna open up the package. I pick these up at inexpensive dollar stores or the $1 section of Target as well as just keeping my eye open wherever I’m shopping for neat items to include. 

FullSizeRender (7)

Next, I dig into alllll this….okay, so maybe this is just a tiny portion of my packaging supplies, but it’s a good start! I like to keep it all separated and sorted into totes so that I know exactly where to find what I’m looking for. To be honest, I don’t know for sure what I’m gonna use until I get started on the package. It’s SO fun to create something fun and cool out of all this stuff!

FullSizeRender (8)

One of my favorite things to use is plain ‘ole brown packing paper. I keep a roll on hand to dress up with either twine, raffia or brightly colored netting and ribbons. Lace also looks amazing on the brown paper.

Yes, that is brown paper lunch bags that you’re seeing!  For smaller items, I use the bags because it makes for the cutest little package with the top folded down and something beautiful strewn through to hold it in place. I always wrap the items in tissue paper before placing in the brown paper.


When I’m not using the brown paper wrap, I go for a more delicate tissue paper. Another Tot Mom brought it to my attention that there’s a possibility that the colored tissue paper could bleed onto the clothing items and make for a not-so-pleasant surprise for the new owner. For this reason, I wrap in white tissue before using my color of choice. Of course lots of ribbons and confetti are added to the tissue, too! A few extra goodies like erasers, suckers and stickers never hurt, either! In almost all of my packages, I add confetti! Why? Because when is confetti not fun?


Just as important as a beautifully wrapped package, maybe even more so, is a thoughtful thank you note to let your buyer know how much you truly do appreciate that they chose to shop with you. A cute card is always great, but I also like to pick up other creative stuff to jot my note on. I usually hit up the school/teacher supply area at a discount or dollar store. For my cards, I keep an eye out pretty much everywhere I go and try to find cute ones in the discount bins at craft, art and outlet stores. Who else gets really happy about finding awesome, unique wrapping stuff?! I thought so 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.52.32 PM

Where do I get my packaging materials? Everywhere!  I stock up at The Dollar Tree most often because, let’s face it, you just can’t beat $1! Not to mention they always have a wide variety of nifty little things to add. I also love to pick stuff up at Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and anywhere else that I can find tons of stuff at a great price.

Lastly, we have to put that beautiful #TotDelivery in something to be mailed. I know a lot of moms enjoy using adorable poly mailers with fantastic designs on them. I do, too, when wrapping up a smaller order. However, for those larger, heavier deliveries, I LOVE the idea of a plain box with an awesome, unexpected surprise inside. Don’t forget that you can get the appropriate USPS priority mail box for FREE at your local post office.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.52.47 PM

So, this is a peek into a day in the life of packaging at Sarah’s house. Hope it’s given you moms out there some useful info and ideas. If you have questions for me about anything that you see in my packages, you can always find me on Totspot. I’ll be the one in the corner with the brown paper bags and tissue paper muttering excitement to myself! SarahSharp5313….follow!