How to Wrap Your Package Perfectly (Part Two)

by Totspot Team

Gifts – we love giving them to people (they make them happy), and we love getting them (they make us happy!). While sellyour fellow Totspotter may have paid for that item, giving another parent that happy feeling is the ideal. Ribbons, cards, and snazzy tape just have that effect.

We’re not sure who started it, but Totspotters who sell a lot package their orders with whimsical designs and fancy frills. The end result? A top-selling Totspotter, a mom who feels like she just got a present, and one heck of a pretty package.

One of Totspot’s most successful sellers, Sarah (aka kobykhloe224) has perfected pleasing her customers – and the most beautiful packaging. We hand the mic over to her to share how she does in this second part of our three part series.

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First things first, let me start out by showing all the materials I purchased and used.


Most of these items were purchased from the dollar store. The hole puncher and glue stick from Staples, and the box of tea from my local grocery store. Oh, and the adorable Totspot sticker? They are from Etsy user 1socalmom.

I start by making my little envelopes/teabag holders first.
Any type of paper you choose will work, nothing too big however, you only want a small envelope as your finished product.
Next, I used these cute pattern papers for a pop of subtle color and to serve as a label. Place the teabag of your choice inside the envelope, stick on your label, punch a hole for later so you can attach it to the package
Okay, now it’s time to get wrapping. I typically use two sheets of tissue paper. By using two sheets, it helps to compact the clothing down and gives you those nice clean, tight lines. Once you’re done wrapping with tissue, you will do the same steps with your wrapping paper.
Once the wrapping is fully completed, you measure your burlap (just enough to fit horizontally around your package). Then, measure enough string ( or ribbon or twine) to wrap at least 2-3 times horizontally around the package and finish it off with a pretty little bow. Insert one of your bow ends through the hole you previously made in your envelope, tie a knot big enough to ensure it will remain attached.

Also, I always enclose my packages with a thank you card. It’s a nice personal touch to let your customer know you appreciate their purchase!
There you have it, your complete and finished product! Use your own creativity and imagination and see what you you can come up with!

Thank you so much for guest posting, Sarah! Be sure to check out Sarah’s Totshop by clicking here or searching kobykhloe224 in Totspot.