How to Wrap Your #TotDelivery (Part One)

by Totspot Team

Give people gifts. Give them to them for no reason. Give them to them without occasion. Give them gifts simply because theysell make them happy.

“Brush your teeth before bed,” “don’t sit so close to the TV,” and “eat with your mouth closed.” My mom, like all of us, instilled some pretty basic habits and ideas in me, but there’s one I am particularly glad she taught me, and it’s the one above.

Maybe your fellow Totspotter paid for that item, but making them feel that type of way? 100 percent worth it. You put a smile on their face and you create a lasting impression that will get them back to your Totshop, time and time again.

Totspotter Brooklynn is a newer seller but she’s a master at packaging her #TotDeliveries to delight and thrill her customers. In the first part of a three part series, she shows you how she wraps her sales – with money-saving tips included. -Sarah, signing off!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.47.07 AM

Brook with her babes, Travis and Lyla

There are few things better than receiving an anxiously awaited package in the mail from another Totspot mama. Below is a picture of everything I use to create an easy, cost effective and fun package that both moms and little ones will love to receive.


My supplies include: white tissue paper, a poly mailer, a craft tag, washi tape, scissors, hemp cord, a lollipop and a half sheet of stickers.

I buy all my supplies, except the poly mailers, at Michael’s because they offer a generous amount of coupons. I use the app Retail Me Not for easy access to coupons and offers. Michael’s also runs good in store sales where certain brands will be 40-50% off. I purchase the yellow floral 10×13 poly mailers from Amazon which are $12.95 for 100. To find them on Amazon you will search “poly mailers” and a nice amount of options will come up, all you have to do is pick your favorite.

image2 (1)

After I gather my supplies I cut out my shipping label then I write a brief thank you on a craft tag. The craft tags I purchase come 20 to a package for $4.99. I use a 40% off coupon making them around 2.99 at checkout.


Next, I tape my shipping label onto the poly mailer making sure to smooth it out so it looks good and makes it easier for postal workers to scan for tracking.

image2 (2)

After my mailer is ready I lay down my tissue paper and place the clothes in the center. I use white paper because I had a customer inform me that the colored paper I used when I first started selling on Totspot transferred onto the clothing she purchased. I buy a pack of 125 sheets of tissue paper at Michael’s, the pack is around $4.00 after coupons or sales.


Once my clothes are in the center I take two sheets of paper and fold them horizontally to meet in the middle. After that I take one side and fold it over then the other and tuck them in to make it nice and snug. I will usually place my washi tape on top of my package to make sure my folds hold.


I then secure my package with washi tape (decorative masking tape) which I love to mix and match. I buy the 10 pack of washi tape for $12 after discounts.

image2 (3)image4 (1)

I use hemp cord to tie my craft tag and lollipop to my package. Hemp cord is very sturdy and inexpensive. After discounts 400 ft. of cord is $2.00. I begin by cutting the cord then placing it underneath the package. I bring the cord up and around and tie a double knot.

image3 (1)

Once my cord is secure I tie on the craft tag and lollipop. I make sure to double knot them so they don’t come off during shipping. I then slip the stickers under the cord and the package is ready!

image1 (1)

Last, but not least, I carefully slip the package in the mailer and close it making sure to add packing tape to the closure so that it doesn’t come open while traveling to its final destination.

Happy packaging and Happy Totspotting!


Thank you so much, Brook! Be sure to visit Brook’s closet on Totspot. Her username is Brooklynn.