How Avoid a Return

by Totspot Team

Success – now you’ve listed your 10 items on Totspot, you’ve taken perfect photos, and you’ve priced your items to sell. Nice work.

The last thing you want is a return on your hands (and a disappointed fellow Totspotter). It’s true that your sale on Totspot is binding, unless your fellow Totspotter receives sometimes that seems different from what she was expecting.

In general in life, honesty is key, and the Totspot community is no different. Here are a few tips to keep you from getting an item returned to you.

Describe It. Totspot gives for a pretty hefty field to describe your item…write a novel if you wish! You’re never over sharing, and this ensures no one will be confused about the item they’re getting.


Prepare It. Before listing and shipping out your item, make sure it’s in a condition that you’d be happy to receive as your own purchase. This mean you may need to give it another wash or take a lint roller to it if you have a dog. No one wants to do your laundry. If a stain is persistent, you may not want to list this item in the first place.

Photograph It. The reason we stress great photos is because it’ll actually help you with your sales! Other Totspotters want to see exactly what they’re going to get. We provide you with five photos slots, so feel free to make the most of them. Show details, the back of the item, and if there is any flaw, be sure to clearly photograph it.


Image via Barefoot Blonde