New Feature: Cancel for Shoppers

by Totspot Team

Dear Totspot Community,


We love hearing from you – your thoughts and feelings, your raves and feedback. What we don’t like hearing about though, is a seller who isn’t shipping your item for a reason or another. Our support team will help you through anything, but this isn’t ideal for you.

That’s why in the last Totspot update, we introduced cancel for shoppers. This means that if a seller hasn’t shipped your item in the allotted seven days, you can cancel the order without contacting supporting.

Here’s how it works: Simply go to the Me page and then tap Manage Orders. From here, tap the order in question. Before the seven days, you can tap a button to remind the seller to ship the item. After seven days, this turns into a cancel button for you to cancel the overdue order.

As always, we’re all ears. Thank you, Totspotters.


The Totspot Team