3 Tips to Sell More, Faster

by Totspot Team

January, February, March and it’s why hello, spring! Temperatures are going up, jackets coming off, and while our kiddos aresell shedding layers, they’re also shedding clothes that they probably won’t fit at this time next year. That’s something to think about.

We want to help you make the most of your Totshop, so here are three simple tips clean out your closet with Totspot…in record time. Your closet will thank you!


1. List a lot more. If a deal makes us happy, then a bundle is pure JOY. Listing a lot gives shoppers options to assemble a bundle, helping you clean out your closet even faster.

2. Drop Prices. If that item is perfectly photographed and has 37 likes, but won’t seem to sell, that’s is a good indicator that you may have priced it too high. Ask yourself honestly how much you would be willing to pay for this pre-loved item. You may find dropping your price by just 20 percent is enough to get your items moving.


3. Offer a bundle discount. Our bundle discount feature is a huge hit and a great way to sell, faster. Just go to the Me page and tap bundle settings to set yours. The discount will automatically be deducted when a shopper checks out, so you can bundle without lifting a finger.


Happy Totspotting! Here’s  to a wonderful spring.