8 Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Clothing Looking New

by Totspot Team

Kids are definitely hard on their clothes, but washing, drying, bleaching and beyond aren’t particularly gentle either. Whethercommunity it was her favorite dress or his denim jacket, purposefully distressed in all the right places, you’re going to want to take care  so they can keep wearing them while they fit, and so you can sell them on Totspot later. If we’re not careful, that jacket can go from distressed to destroyed, and that favorite dress won’t be a favorite anymore!

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Quite by chance, some top Totspotters started a discussion around their best tips for keeping kids’ clothing looking new, and they were so brilliant, we had to share them with all of you. Please do try these at home 😉



1. Get a fabric shaver. A little known gadget that always leaves us glad we found out about it, a fabric shaver shaves off that pesky piling from a loved sweater. Just $6 or $7 could save it!

2. Zip zippers before washing. Ever wonder why those tees come out of the wash with little holes  for seemingly no reason? The zipper on that hoodie or those jeans may be the culprit. Zip all zippers before starting a wash and do the whole family a favor.


3. Isopropyl alcohol is magical. One of my favorite tricks that many people don’t know about, isopropyl alcohol (yes, the kind you get for a $1 from Target) can get ball point pen marks out like absolute magic. This one is really handy with kids, whether the pen mark is on their own clothes or yours.

4. Air dry if possible. Though not always possible thanks to weather conditions, air drying isn’t just gentle on your kids’ clothing – it’s also gentle on the environment as well as your electricity bill.


5. Sharpies on shoes. A faint nick on a pair of shoes can be solved with just a touch of Sharpie.

6. Keep buttons. You know those extra buttons that always come with clothes, only to be completely lost when you finally need them? Designate a button jar so when you do need them, you’ll be able to find them. If it ever gets ridiculous, it can easily become a source of crafts for the kids, too!


7. Vinegar in the wash. Just a little vinegar can get even the strongest smells out…I tried this myself and I was amazed! If you have a piece of clothing that’s been tucked away so long it smells funny or if you have a kid that is a serious athlete, this is one you’re going to dog-ear for the future.

8. Wash Inside Out. Washing inside out slows fading on any item. Give it a try.


What are your best tips for keeping your kids’ or even your own clothing looking new?


Images via Amazon, Container Store, Jet Pens