5 Tips to Get Repeat Customers

by Totspot Team

We recently asked some of our most successful users what it takes to get great customers coming backsell to your Totspot closet over and over again. What it came down to was a handful of tips so good, we just couldn’t help but share with you. Some are surprising, some not, but all are sure shot ways to delight your fellow Totspotter. Definitely do try these at home 😉


1. Ship Quickly. Totspot allows sellers seven days to ship an item, but imagine how thrilling it is to receive an item just a few days after you bought it! Top sellers usually ship within two days.

2. Listing A Lot. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t have anything new to your closet it’s hard for an old customer to come back and buy again. Try to update often and have a variety, especially if you have both boys and girls clothes.


3. Keep In Touch. Some top sellers alert their best customers when they’re going to post again, give them a preview, or tag them on items they think will suit their style.

“I always try to develop a relationship with my buyers. I get to know what kids they’re buying for and then make sure to check in with them occasionally. I also have some avid Boden fans that I always notify when I list new Boden items.” -@mountainwriter


4. Wrapping and a Thank You Note. Our top users always wrap their sales nicely and add you thank you note. It’s a small gesture, but having received a package like this myself, I can promise you that this delights a fellow Totspotter. Some top sellers even add a free item, like a teabag for mom or a pair of socks for the little one.

5. Honesty.  “I think one of the biggest things to get return buyers is just honesty and trust. Be honest in your pricing and description of your item. Don’t sell an item for more than 50% of what you paid because they ARE used. And if an item is even slightly faded from washing or has the tiniest spot or imperfection make sure you describe this so the buyer knows EXACTLY what they are getting. No surprises. This develops a trusting relationship and they know that what they will get from you is what is described.” We couldn’t agree more with you, @stacy.mirante! 


Thank you to all the Totspotters who contributed to this blog post – there are too many of you to name but we very much appreciate your feedback. Images are from Totspotters @smason3, @my3girls, and @jmmartinez30