Totspot Lingo 101

by Totspot Team

If you’re a Totspot newbie, some of the lingo here may be a little confusing at first. What really is a communitybundle, and what do those LMKs all mean?

Ahead, we explain some of the most used terms you’ll find while chatting and shopping with your fellow Totspotters. If we missed one, leave a comment and we promise we will get you covered.



Like. Much like Facebook and Instagram, you can like an item on Totspot by tapping the heart icon in the top left corner. This adds the item to your favorites so you can find it again too.

Bundle. A bundle is a great way to save on shipping. If you see a seller that has multiple listings you like, ask them to make you one listing for all. This listing is called a bundle.

“Can you bundle my likes?” Is the most common question we see on Totspot. If you want several items, tap the like button on all and ask the seller “Can you bundle my likes?” The seller can see which items you have liked, and can create a bundle from there.

ISO stands for in search of. Totspotters looking for a specific item will post a picture of the item and put ISO in the title. If you have it, list it and tag them.

LMK stands for let me know.

Runway Show. Totspot runway shows happen twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, and you’ll always get a push notification when they start. This is a place where you can share your items fitting the theme, or shop the show, even after it is over.