New Features: Suggested Users and Cancel

by Totspot Team

Dear Totspot Community,

We hear ya – the wonderful tweets, the Facebook posts, the emails you send to our support team. Every suggestion you send us counts, and in our latest update, we are thrilled to bring you two new features that the community requested.

1. Cancel Feature. Now sellers can cancel an order with just a tap. If your fellow Totspotter decides she’d rather bundle than buy just one item, or has some other reason to cancel, you can easily make that happen.

2. Suggested Users. Now Totspot offers a group of suggested users to new Totspotters, so everyone will know someone as soon as they join the app. The list will rotate weekly so there are many chances to become a suggested user.

We love hearing your comments and feedback. Thank you again, Totspotters.


The Totspot Team