TotSTAR Interview: jmmartinez30

by Totspot Team

Jessica, also known as jmmartinez30 on Totspot, has the cutest Totspot closet you ever will see. Filled with whimsically photographed baby girl clothes and boys skate wear, it’s no surprise that Jessica has almost completely sold out her TotShop.

Today, Jessica gave us a little bit of her time so we could learn more about her, including where she’s from, why she can’t choose between ice cream and cookies (“Can I have both?”), who her closet crush is, and why styling your kids’ clothing makes it that much more sellable.

Read on and meet on!
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Where are you from and where do you live? What do you like about it?

I grew up in Burbank, CA, but I was born in Mons, Belgium. I grew up as a military brat so I have been fortunate enough to call many cities home. I joined the U.S Marines out of high school and after 9 years of faithful service I settled down here in Las Vegas, NV. I have always been accustomed to city life – I love the many different cultures, foods, and art. We live about 20 minutes or so from the strip, which is nice at night. You can see the city lights but avoid the chaos of it all.

If you had friends coming from out of town who had never been to your city, where would you take them?

There is so much for everyone here in Vegas, NV! I think to experience Vegas you have to see one of there many shows at least once, and I probably would start with one of the Cirque shows. The costumes, the theatrics, and the mystery of them are amazing. Then of course dinner on the strip followed by the High Roller ferris wheel which isn’t your average ferris wheel (it’s 550 ft tall!), I believe the biggest in the world.

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Ice cream or cookies?

Can I have both? Haha nothing like a homemade cookie with a little ice cream in the middle! If I had to pick one though it would be ice cream. They have this place in Utah called Sub Zero where they custom make your ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen…it’s a unique experience!

Tell us about your kiddos! What are their names and how old are there?

My Oldest is Elijah, and he just turned 12 this December. He is very creative, loves building things, drawing, and is very fascinated by JFK. He wrote a huge paper on him out of curiosity and for fun! My step-son Mason is 11 and very inquisitive – Google and I have become best friends on account of some of the challenging questions my kid comes up with. My youngest, Madison, just turned a year old this past December and has quite the personality at such a young age. I’m not sure how common this is but she loves music, and I mean loves. Anything that remotely sounds musical she’s bobbing her head and tapping her “rhythm foot” as I call it – she ‘s a riot! She’s our little entertainer.
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I personally am a big fan of your Totspot closet. You have such great style! What is your personal style like?

Thank you! Typically I am in workout attire most of the time. The start of my day is getting my husband off to work at 5am, kids off to school shortly after, and then squeezing in a quick workout session before starting my work. When I’m not busy making cute little things for babies and being a mom and wife, my style is pretty retro. I love the 40s and 50s – women were so classy back then with the classic hair and vibrant red lip.When I do get the opportunity to dress up, my hair and clothing reflects a lot of that time period.
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Does your own style influence your kids’ style?

My oldest used to rock my style when he was younger and when I could get away with it haha, but both my boys are more sporty these days and keep it simple with jeans, tees, hoodies, and sport shorts. They have really become there own style makers. Madison is my own personal Barbie doll – she’s quite the fashionista from faux fur boleros, denim and tutus, accessories…you name it! She definately reflects my style.

How do your sons like being big brothers to such an adorable little one? Are they enjoying the role?

They weren’t too excited at first when they found out we were having a girl, but the second they layed eyes on her they were in love. Both boys are equally protective of her, sometimes I think they think they are the parents. It’s funny! My oldest spends a lot of time playing with her and his name as she calls him E-I (Elijah) was the first she could say after mommy and daddy of course.


Your handmade hair wraps are selling like hotcakes on Totspot! Why did you decide to learn to make them and why did you decide to start selling them?

I found that there wasn’t a huge selection of hair accesories in some of the stores I frequent for kids with the exception of bows, so I decided to dust my sewing machine off and make a few for her. I love making crafts! I started getting a lot of compliments on them and a few other items I have made for her, and I thought I could totally sell these or at least try. I love them! They are a lot of fun to make, especially the custom orders I get.

How did you find out about Totspot? What’s your experience been with it as opposed to other selling apps?

I initially started selling items on another site for my clothing and thought to myself “I have buckets of Maddie’s clothes…there has to be a website for kids clothes.” I believe I googled apps for selling kids clothing and saw a few come up. Totspot caught my eye, it was well put together and easy to work with. I love the community because everyone is so friendly, and if I have an inquiry or even a suggestion for the Totspot team, customer service is fast.

You’ve almost entirely sold out your closet and that is amazing. What tips would you give to other Totspotters trying to push the envelope and make sales on Totspot?

Following closets, sharing items, and styling my items has helped me a lot.
I absolutely love how you style and photograph your items. Do you have any photo tips you could share with Totspotters?

I love seeing a closet where someone has taken the time with it. Clear pictures are a must. I have looked over plenty of items if the picture is not clear. I love styled pictures, it shows that the seller is serious. Plus it gives a buyer an idea of how to style the item, and may get you more sales if other items in the picture are available.
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Have you found anything really cool for your own kiddos on Totspot? What are some of your favorites?

One of my favorite purchases is a peplum military jacket by Calvin Klein for my daughter. It is too cute! I have a current closet crush on Totspotter audrieverafter…her style is very similar to what I like for my daughter, I have liked quite a few items in her closet and she may think I am a stalker haha.

Thank you so much for your time, Jessica!

Jessica is jmmartinez30 on Totspot. Be sure to check out her closet, because she has excellent taste!