Renew. Refresh. Resale.

by samanthafein

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You’ve set your resolutions by now, right? Speed walk with a friend daily, sleep more, de-clutter the kids’ closets, train for a 5K, give up drinking Starbucks (or gasp, give up wine!).  Or maybe you’re like me and long ago gave up making New Year’s Resolutions, opting instead for daily goals. Nonetheless, it seems that the New Year always brings a feeling of, well, newness.

In the spirit of the new year, here are four ideas to refresh and renew our kids’ clothes:

1. Reorganize the kids’ closets. Admit it, the kids’ closet it a treasure trove of barely worn clothes that somehow get pushed to the sides when frequently worn ones are front and center. I play a little game with my kids and switch-up the location of items in their closets. Move the barely-worn items to the front of the closet! Reorganize all the pants, shirts, sweaters together, or group them by color. You might be surprised what the shift-around does to put little-worn items into heavy rotation in your child’s wardrobe.

2. Amp-up their style. I learned this one a long time ago: use your daily items (like GAP Jeans and a Gymboree graphic t-shirt), and then add in some flare. It’s an easy way to  give new life to the daily basics. I love adding a crazy sweater like this one from Totspotter @smkms, a faux leather jacket to throw over jeans, or some wild Harajuku MINI pants  by @margie.f. (Hint: this trick works for grown-up clothes, too).

3. Get an under-the-bed shirtbox.  Oh, my favorite trick! I call this the Linus Factor, named after the Snoopy character who never gave up his favorite blanket. There are things we can’t give up — we don’t want to see our babies grow out of the cutest outfit ever, we don’t want to let go of her  first pair of Air Jordans. I suffered from this myself, so I came up with an idea to put any items I wanted to save for posterity in a plastic shirtbox. But here’s the trick: only one box allowed. Period. No cheating. So if the box overflows, I take out the items, and pick something to sell on Totspot or give away. This way I get to see (and sometimes smell) my kids’ special items again, and I stay disciplined in avoiding the Linus Factor.

4. Let Them Pick a Few. My kids absolutely hate shopping (This past holiday my son fell asleep under a rack of men’s pants at the mall.), but they love to pick new things to wear. Knowing that their interests change fast, I started to let them Like items on Totspot on my iPad while I cook dinner. It gives them a feeling of being in charge of what they wear and I get some insight into what Elementary School Cool is. 😉

So maybe you’ll only give up Starbucks soy lattes for a few weeks, and maybe that eight hours of sleep you planned to get creeps into just six by next weekend, but hopefully these hints on how to renew and refresh the kids’ closets is something to check off the list.