New Features: Ratings and Reviews

by Totspot Team

Dear Totspot Community,

You’ve taken the time to write us to tell us your thoughts about Totspot, and we can’t tell you how humbled we feel to have a community that cares enough to tell us what they want to see in their Totspot…but if we tried, it would be this much (arms outstretched!)

Our new feature is a direct result of your suggestions, and we’re really excited to be able to share it with you. It’s still quite young, so if you have any feedback to make it better, we’d love to hear.

Seller ratings and reviews have finally arrived. To rate a seller, tap to the Me page in the lower right corner of your Totspot, and then tap Manage Orders. Once you find the order you want to review, tap it and give a star rating from one to five. After that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can write additional comments or feedback for the seller.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ratings and reviews:

It’s nice to let a seller know if everything was perfect or if your order could’ve used some improvement. Many Totspotters have asked us for a place to give feedback, and we hope the friendliness in our app carries over into our new rating and reviews.

Thanks again, Totspotters.


The Totspot Team