5 Winter Break Activities (To Keep You Sane)

by samanthafein

photo of twins

Keeping the little Christmas angels busy.


It’s 10 days until Christmas! That means for most of us parents, only a few days until our kids are on winter break from school for the rest of 2014.

By now, we’ve attended a few holiday plays and shows complete with little Rudolph noses painted on our little one’s noses, have baked holiday cookies and sung a gazillion renditions of Frosty the Snowman.  It’s a magic time of the year — and oh.my.hello — it’s also a lot of togetherness!

This weekend, I put together a quick list of activities for kids designed to keep them from ripping open their xmas gifts while you try to have a shower.

5.  Have your kiddos put on their rain boots  and stomp on packing bubbles and paper that have come in the mail.  Tell them to “jump in the puddles” of paper.

4. Pick non-holiday music on your phone for an impromptu kitchen dance party. Our current favorites: “Happy,” “Wake Me Up,” “Roar” and “These Are the Days.” Trust me, a break from singing Frosty will do you all a world of good.

3. Print out our home made coloring pages from real photos of Totspot families and buy yourself a few minutes of respite while the kiddos draw (not on the walls).

2.  Grab a few flashlights and turn off the lights. Have a “laser show” on the ceiling of their bedroom, and guess the shapes and letters they draw. Warning: dark rooms may cause sudden nap in moms.

1. Do a fashion show down your hallway. Put a basket at the end of the hall with accessories (that I’m sure you scored on Totspot) and mismatched clothes. Take pics of them as they strike poses.

Wishing you a great week full of all the good stuff that parenting is made of, and a little break here and there.