New Feature: Bundle Discount

by Totspot Team

Dear Totspot Community,

Between the school play and last minute stocking shopping, these are busy, busy, busy times for you – we’re parents too so we totally understand.

That’s why the little elves here at our HQ are working on some features to make Totspot even easier for you to use. We’re rolling them out slowly and we’d love to know what you think.

The Closet Discount feature is here. This features allows you to easily set a bundle discount for your closet. Just go to the Me page in the lower right corner of your Totspot, and tap Closet Settings. From here, you can decide how much of a discount you want to give, and how big the bundle must be to receive your discount.

Here’s a step by step showing you how you can set up your bundle discount:

Here’s what will look like to your shoppers when you’re all done:


We love hearing your comments and suggestions, so if you have a great idea for Totspot or just want to share something with us, Tweet us or write a comment here.


The Totspot Team