Putting the HAPPY in Happy Holidays

by samanthafein

It’s December 1 and the pressure is ON: time for the Christmas card photos. You’ve got a vision, of course! Perhaps the boys will be dressed in matching winter plaid; their arms sweetly draped around their little sister who’s wearing a coordinating velvety dress and tights. Everyone is smiling.

Little would anyone guess that you were screeching around the mall the day before trying to put together outfits for the whole family. Do the pants match the color of the dress? Are the shirts the right size? Should the boys wear a tie? Does she really need new Mary Janes?  (Of course, never mind, what we moms are actually going to wear). I get it. We’ve all been there. And we are not alone.

We put together a study last month and asked moms how they felt about shopping for kids’  holiday outfits and  learned that we moms think the whole darn thing is stressful and expensive.  That’s a bummer. But it was a good reminder to us of why Totspot matters:  we’re here to get you out of the mall, make life simpler, make shopping less stressful and even — dare we say — happy.

shopping infographic