Totspot for Android is Here!

by Totspot Team



Say hello to our new arrival! Totspot is now available for Android phones, meaning you can find it on Google Play at this very moment. Someone break out the confetti because we’re ready to celebrate!

Gift $5, Get $5 – For a limited time, we’ve upped our referral credit to $5, meaning for every mama you invite to use Totspot, you get $5 and she gets $5.* Share the love by using your invite code and spread the word about Totspot for Android now. Referral credit offer ends on 11/16/14.



*You get $5 referral credit once your friend’s order ships

Purchase must be made by 11/16/14 for $5 referral credit. After 11/16/14, referral credit becomes standard $2 for both parties

You must invite your friends through the App and your friend must to input with your invite code to use the credit