What #FallFun Means to Me + Grand Prize Winner

by Totspot Team

Before I had children, Fall meant trail running through the bright autumn leaves, exploring in my kitchen with flavors like cardamom and cloves, shopping for Anthropologie-inspired knit sweaters and slowly thumbing-through magazines for just the right accent pillows to round-out my cozy fall home. I was practically Martha Stewart.

And then came twins.

Suddenly fall was a bumbling, tumbling parade of little pumpkins, chocolate-smeared faces and tiny costumes (she was a butterfly, he was a puppy). Jack-o-lanterns went unlit for years until I could be sure my tots didn’t stick a curious finger on the flames. Every carefully raked pile of leaves was fair game for jumping!


As much as I tried to resist dressing my toddlers like movie stars’ kids, I couldn’t help outfitting them for my favorite season. I remember my daughter twirling around in one particular little wool A-line dress with matching tights from Janie and Jack, and the most ridiculously adorable pageboy hat and argyle sweater vest from GAP Kids that made my son look like a little old man. Cutest.Thing.Ever, if I do say so myself.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.15.04 PM

So when we at Totspot decided to celebrate Fall, we did it with both you and me in-mind. Our #FallFun campaign was designed to spread smiles from Boston to here in the Bay Area and everywhere in-between. And FUN we had! You celebrated with us in the most resounding ways. You shared baby’s first steps through the fall leaves, knit-sweater clad toddlers and glowing mamas. You shared your pumpkin spice lattes (Oh, #PSL, our collective fall treat!) and chilly morning cuddles. You shared thousands of photos on Instagram with us, and with the world. We loved every minute of it. We hope you did, too.


This fall, my twins are 11 years old and our family’s #FallFun now means trail running and cooking together, shopping for tween fashion (yup, even on Totspot), and this weekend, you could even find us jumping in the leaves.

Congratulations to our Fall Fun grand prize winner  Lalita Malone and to all of you for sharing your beautiful lives with us.

Go jump in the leaves.



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Ava and Carter’s mama