7 (More!) Tips For Shopping Totspot

by Totspot Team

You may have read our 7 Tips for Shopping Totspot some time ago, and by now, you’re no Totspot newbie. If you’re ready for some advanced Totspotting tips that’ll help you save more and save time, read ahead! These exclusive tips are sourced from our headquarters staff and the Totspot Angels, loveandresell, faithhickman, 1socalmom, and mgerson.

1. Check Totspot Often. Some of the hotted items on Totspot are scooped up within minutes! Make sure you don’t miss another pair of moccs by logging on the app every day.


2. Move Quickly. On that note, if you see something you really love, remember that there is probably only one – since this is a mom-to-mom app most items are very unique. Don’t let too much time pass by, or that dress might go to another home!

3. Search Your Favorite User’s Closet. One of our newer features, you can now search a particular user’s closet. Say your favorite user has a girl just ahead of your daughter’s size, but also has a little boy. If you tap “Search Closet” under the username, you can narrow the closet down and just see items in girls’ items in your size. You can even narrow down by brand!

4. Bundle With “My Likes.” We’ve talked about bundling before here and here, but did you know about the handy “My Likes” feature? On any profile, hit “My Likes” under the Totspotter’s username. It’ll show you everything you’ve liked from a closet and you can ask for a bundle for those items to save on shipping.


5. Be Polite. Totspot is a community of wonderful mamas, and we all love that about it! That said, it’s good to keep it friendly and polite when bargaining or asking for someone to make a bundle. You’ll find people will reciprocate and may even give you better deals than if you just ask “Lowest?”  Making Totspot friends is one of our users’ favorite things about Totspot. If you loved your item, it’s nice to comment on it and tell the seller that too!

6. Network. We talked about how important networking is for selling, but it can also be great for shopping! As you get into the Totspot community and get to know your fellow Totspotters, you may be tagged on items your Totspot friends know you like or are looking for. As Totspotter loveandresell told us, “I’ve tagged people on items in other closets that I know they will love and I’ve had the same done for me. That’s the beauty of this app!”

7. Show Some Love. We LOVE seeing your finds on our Instagram and Facebook. Share your stylish little guys and gals with us and you may get a #regram or repost, and there’s a good chance your seller will see it and get warm and fuzzy feelings knowing you love your new items.