TotSTAR Interview: Lucansofia

by Totspot Team

Today we start what we hope is the beginning of a long series that highlights some of our most amazing users – and you better believe we have a lot where that came from!

Meet Julia! She’s a mother of two sweet babes and is widely known on Totspot as lucansofia. Her username pays homage to her little loves, and her kids’ style pays homage to their beautiful home in Hawaii. It’s not a surprise, then, that Julia is one of most pleasant Totspotters to chat with, and sells moccs faster than you can say Freshly Picked!

Read on and meet on, because we’re certain you’re going to love this girl!


Where are you from?

I was born in Tacoma Washington, but raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

How would you describe it to someone who has never been?

It truly is paradise! I feel very fortunate to live in a place people save their whole lives to come visit.  It is rich with culture. A magical, spiritual place. There’s so much beauty here. It’s a melting pot in the middle of the pacific. I LOVE living here and am so happy I get to raise my two children here!


Being a mama is a lot of love and work, but when you do have a moment to yourself, how do you enjoy spending it?

Definitely in the ocean! My husband works nights so I have his help to watch the kids in the morning. I try to surf every morning or every other. If there are no waves, I’m swimming. I call it ocean therapy. The salt water cleanses my soul leaving me feeling refreshed and ready to take on a toddler and soon to be one year old for the rest of the day. It’s like a reset button for me.

What are your kids names and how old are they?

My first born is Luca Marcello Risso. He is 28 months old. ALL BOY! My second born is Sofia Kai Risso. She is 11 months old. They are exactly 17 months apart, both born on the 13th.


How did you pick their names?

I wish I had some awesome story for you or that I had their names picked out at a very young age. I don’t! We decided on Luca’s name maybe a week prior to having him and Sofia was almost born without a name.  With our first we didn’t find out the sex, we wanted the surprise! So my husband and I agreed on Luca/Luka. Marcello just because we fought it sounded cool after Luca. Sofia was something that we had in mind for a little while, but I wasn’t set on it though my husband really liked it. Her middle name, Kai, means ocean in Hawaiian, and we always knew that would be her middle name.  She LOVES the water so it’s perfect for her.


What’s your personal style like?

I’m embarrassed to say this but I’m completely happy in yoga pants and a tank or an oversized shirt. I’m very active throughout the day. After surfing I normally take the kids to the park, zoo, or playground. I like over-sized shirts because it’s easy to nurse my baby with. I would love to be more fashionable in my everyday attire, but it’s not practical to chase a toddler and my 11 month old( who is now running the other way!).

If I do get out of my normal yoga pants and tank, I would describe my style as right out of a Gap ad.  I would wear a nice pair of skinny jeans, a fancy flat, or a pump if I’m in the mood, with a oversized white top and my Marc Jacobs handbag and I accessorize with a lot of gold, I don’t like silver.  Pedicures are a must!


Do you think your style influences your kids style?

Yes, for the most part. I do not like logo t-shirts or anything that has the brand name written across the front of the shirt. I even have a hard time with Disney clothes. I know sooner or later my kids will be pointing out clothes they want that are normally what I would buy, but that’s okay. For now I have control and I’m loving it!

Is this how you imagined you’d dress your kids before you had them?

My boy, yes. My girl, no! I knew I wasn’t the mother to have my little baby girl in huge bows and pink everyday just so people wouldn’t mistake her as a boy. No baby cares what they are wearing, let alone remembers! BUT, once I had that little angel in my arms for the first time I secretly asked my mom to buy her a bow down in the gift shop. Haha!

To this day she doesn’t wear much on her head, she doesn’t have much hair, but you better believe for special occasions I doll her up! She definitely has pink and purple and every other color in her wardrobe. She’s my dolly! I have lots of fun shopping for her, a little too much.


What’s each of your kids favorite thing to wear?

Nothing. I let them run around in just diapers at home. When we go out to the park, anything that is light and comfortable.

What’s your own favorite thing in your closet? 

My Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag! She’s a Beauty!


How did you come to find out about Totspot?

I am on Instagram religiously. One of my mommy friends through Instagram had posted a pic of her daughters moccasins that she had outgrown. She asked her followers if they’d be interested in buying any of them. She was going to start a separate Instagram account for her daughter’s gently used clothes. One of her followers had mentioned Totspot.

I immediately signed up. I had been giving away all my kids clothes for so long and now I could at least try to make some money back from my expensive spending habit.


What’s the Totspot experience like?

It has been working wonderful for me! I love taking pictures so that part is really fun for me. I made my first sale the same day I signed up and was hooked from there on out.

What are you enjoying about it?

Of course I love meeting other mommies! But one my favorite parts about making a sale is getting the item or items ready for their new homes! I take great pride in making sure the package arrives as neat as possible. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I pack everything with love! If I feel the clothes need to be ironed, I will iron it. I try to fold the article of clothing up as neatly as possible. I like to tissue wrap each piece or outfit. I tie items up with fancy string. I always send a Hawaiian postcard with my appreciation to each new owner.

I want my customers to have a great experience from a fair price all the way to when they get their package. Even if it means I spend my own money on extra postage fees, packaging supplies, postcards, (etc.). I want it to be memorable.


Do you have any advice for users hoping to boost their sales?

Yes, buy handmade! Haha. I’ve noticed all my “handmade” items sell fast! I am a huge handmade small shop supporter. Yes, sometimes its pricey, but how cool is it to connect and know the person that is hand making items for your little ones. It’s not made in some sweat shop in China and that makes me feel good and justifies the price to me. I think moms and dads these days want their babies and kids in clothing that is more exclusive, and social media plays a huge role in this. I’ve noticed many handmade items are very desirable.

Another tip would have to be spend a little more time to take quality pictures. Totspot gives you the option to take 5 pictures so why not use those. I see too many moms taking one picture of the front of a dress and that’s it. Okay, well…what does the back look like? I’m not gonna buy anything that has one picture listed without any alternate ones. Blurry pictures, I don’t even look at! Dark, blurry pictures…NO thank you! I like to take pictures the same time of day where I get the best natural light with a solid background color, white preferably. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a decent picture.


I also think it is a good idea to identify if the clothes are coming from a smoke-free, pet-free household.

Who are some of your favorite users to shop from? 

I really haven’t found that one that has the sizes I’m looking for but they’re are a few mommies that have very similar taste as myself. I haven’t been able to buy from her but she is a returning customer of mine and has awesome style. That’s @aidannnadias_closet. She has a baby due early next year and I can not wait to see her baby girl rocking some of my favorites!

Thank you for your time, Julia! Be sure to shop Julia’s closet by looking her up with her username, lucansofia.