Editor’s Picks: Halloween

by Totspot Team

If you follow us on Facebook (Or Pinterest, or Instagram, or Twitter for that matter…), you know we’re just a little bit excited about Halloween. We gleefully admit that we’d happily trade in Valentine’s day for a second Halloween, because, really, what’s more fun than dressing your sweetie up as a cupcake?

Paying for Halloween costumes? Not quite as lovable as your little. Adorable costumes are literally worn just once or twice and then never see the light of day again.

Well mama, there’s an app for that! Totspot’s well stocked with unique costumes in all shapes and sizes for your teeny Halloweenie, and we love to help.

Ahead, we share ten editor-approved Halloween costumes ranging from cute to too cool, and they’re as low as $5. Scroll on down, mama! You can find these in Totspot by searching the username we’ve listed.

gently-used-halloween-costume-1Monkey Costume, $25 (Orig $70), user stukes

gently-used-halloween-costume-3Ghostbusters Costume, $15 (Orig $40), user mrice314

gently-used-halloween-costume-4Puppy Costume, $20 (Orig $40), user stacyf1003

gently-used-halloween-costume-5Darth Vader Costume, $6, user mommygem2

gently-used-halloween-costume-6Monster University Costume, $10 (Orig $44.99), user Socalmama16

gently-used-halloween-costume-7Jessie from Toy Story Costume, $50 (Orig $100), user sassypixie53

gently-used-halloween-costume-8Raggedy Ann Costume, $15 (Orig $32.50), user bellarosecloset

gently-used-halloween-costume-9Giraffe Costume, $5, user theoman

gently-used-halloween-costume-10Chilli Pepper Costume, $10 (Orig $18), user qtfashion

gently-used-halloween-costume-2Strawberry Costume, $18, user myliltots