Interview: Emily and Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama

by Totspot Team

Certainly you remember being a kid and wishing you could wash the dishes (or was that just me), or stay up past 9pm. There are some things that only adults seem to get to do, and usually championing a cause to change the world is one of them.

That’s why we’re so impressed with Emily Barr, the 10-year-old daughter of blogger Leticia Barr (aka Tech Savvy Mama), who has been fighting cystic fibrosis (CF), one barrette at a time. We had to hear more about this kid changing the world, so we chatted her (mom approved) to learn more about her, CF, and her barrette making expertise.

Read on and find her barrettes on Totspot under username TechSavvyMama. Totspot isn’t taking any thing from this – 100 percent of proceeds go to cystic fibrosis research.


Tell us a little about yourself! How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies? 

I love to draw, sew, and play with my yellow labrador, Oliver, and our two hens in my spare time. I also love to travel and try new foods! I’ve been to China, Japan, and some of the Hawaiian Islands. My favorite place to eat outside the US is an alley called Yakitori Alley where you can find different grilled meats on sticks. I also like hand pulled noodles from a place called Langzhou, China. Thinking about food I’ve eaten on my trips makes me hungry!


You’re quite the barrette-making pro! How did you learn to make ribbon barrettes and how many have you made so far?

I learned how to make ribbon barrettes at a 80s themed party for Ubisoft’s Just Dance game that Clever Girls Collective helped to organize two years ago. Since then I honestly have no idea how many I’ve made! I had leftover barrettes and ribbon that Clever Girls Collective gave me after the party but I’ve had to reorder barrettes three times. Each time I order 100 barrettes!

I think I’ve made at least 400 since summer started! Sometimes my mom and friends help. Lots of my friends wanted to learn how to make them this summer when we were at the pool for dive practice. Other friends helped spread the word to swim team. This summer green and sparkly black barrettes were really popular because those are our pool’s colors!

What’s your favorite color combination you’ve made?

My favorite so far is a sparkly purple and a bluish gray purple is my favorite so far. It was color combination I came up with on my own!


I think your effort to raise money for cystic fibrosis is really admirable, and I know a lot of other people think so too. I know why you raising money for cystic fibrosis in particular, but can you tell our readers?

My best friend has CF and I learned how to make barrettes and have been wanting to sell them for a while so it gave me an idea to sell them as fundraiser to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) who does CF research.

For our readers who may not know, what is cystic fibrosis?

CF is a genetic lung disease that you’re born with. There is no cure so far but CFF is working on drug development that will help those born with CF.


How much have you raised for cystic fibrosis so far?

I haven’t added it up recently but the last time I counted, I was at $760!

I heard you got a big order from a school on Colorado!

Yes! A friend of my mom’s ordered 30 red and black ribbon barrettes for her daughter’s classmates. Red and black are their school colors! It was a lot of work but it boosted our total by a lot and raised a lot of money!

What one piece of advice you’d give to another kid trying to make a difference in the world?

If you have an idea about a way you can help, go for it! Stick with and don’t ever give up. I have some other advice on my blog that you can read here.


Thank you for your time, Emily!

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