How to Bundle

by Totspot Team

Once you’ve found a Totspot friend with a closet you absolutely adore, chances are you’re going to want to have her ship your favorites directly to you in one lovely, large package. Complete with red tissue and a load of newness, you might wish you could dive into the box altogether. Wouldn’t that simply be magical?

Well mama, sans dive (we can save that for your tot), you totally can do this with a little term Totspot users call “bundling.”

For a seasoned Totspotter, this means you get more bang for your shipping buck, by getting more items from a seller you love with one shipping fee and in one package. But to a new Totspot user, a bundle only means your little bundle of joy (heart!). How does bundling work?

Well mama, it’s pretty joyful too! Ahead we explain how bundling works from the shopper and the seller’s perspective.

For the Shopper


When you find a person who has a few items you like, let them know you’re interested in a bundle! You can comment on one of the items and simply say “Can you bundle this and the green dress for me?” Sometimes users ask the seller to bundle their likes, which works too. To do this, go through their closet and tap the heart icon for each item. If it’s an old favorite, you’ll want to unfavorite it

For the Seller

Once you get the hang of bundling, it’s an easy and great way to offload a lot of gently loved kids pieces at once. There are four essential steps to creating a bundle.

(1) Agree with the shopper on items and price.

photo 2.PNG

(2) Make a new listing featuring all the items and the price of all together. People do different things for the photo, but if not all items are in the photo, the most important thing is to list all the items in the description so you and the shopper are on the same page. Call the item “Bundle for @theirusername.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.02.35 PM

(3) Tag the user in the comments. This may seem like a simple step, but if you don’t tag them they’ll never know to come back and pay!

photo 3.PNG

(4) Now, go to all of the individual listings and change the title to “HOLD” so no one buys them while you wait for your shopper to come back. Once the bundle sells you can come back and delete them.

That’s it! Once the shopper returns, all you need to do is bundle up your bundle and drop it in the mailbox. Easy right?



Images via Totpsot user Lucansofia