5 Things We Love About Fall

by Totspot Team

With the kiddos back in school and temperatures slowly dropping, if there’s one thing you can be sure about, it’s that summer is over and on the way out.  While we wouldn’t lie and say we won’t miss summertime, it is kind of nice to have them bring their finger paintings home and their too-cute hats and scarves back out.

And what else? Ahead, we outline exactly what it is that we love about fall…narrowed down to just five. Read on.


1. Pumpkin Everything. The Starbucks nearest our office is proudly already selling the “PSL” (pumpkin spice latte), and we couldn’t be more excited about it. A yearly tease treat, we’re addicted to pumpkin-everything in this office and can’t wait to get it in our bellies.

2. Chunky Sweaters. Sweater season isn’t upon us quite yet, but we’re more than ready to trade in our swimsuits for chunky knits sweaters. We get warm and fuzzy feelings just thinking about it!




3. Crunchy Leaves. When we were kids, we’d go out of our ways to step on a nice, crispy leaf laying on the ground. Now we get to watch our kids marvel at the colors of fall and jump into piles of leaves. We can learn a lot from our littles – our favorite is that the simple, little things are really the big things.


4. Boots. Now that you’ve enjoyed watching your little one experience water (and swimsuits…so cute!), bundle up your little bundle of joy in a series of sweaters, scarves, hats, and boots. The end result is absolutely adorable, and still very practical!

fall-fashion-kids-floral-doc-martins Michael-kors-youth-boots-fall-fashion

5. Family Togetherness. Maybe it’s something about the chill in the air or the holidays, but fall for some reason always means great family reunions, good evening in with the kids, and long overdue visits from extended family. Relish the togetherness these upcoming months bring, because these are the moments that truly count.