Heard ‘Round the Web: Back to School Part II

by Totspot Team

We’re fast approaching the end of summer, and besides an all around “noooo” from our kids (in person for littles and on Twitter for teens), we’ve heard quite a bit about it and the upcoming school season. How are you spending these last precious moments of summer with your children? What are your final thoughts before the school year begins?

Ahead, some interesting back to school linkage for your entertainment and information. You don’t want to miss these:


1. Back to School in the 70s Versus Now. Sigh! There’s no easy way to be a mom, but knee-slapping hilarious piece will make you wish for the simpler days, when all the kids needed were cords from Penney’s to be considered school-ready.

2. 16 Best Math Apps for Kids of All Ages. We think Cool Mom Tech is…well, pretty darn cool, and these apps are a great way to keep the kids engaged and educate them. This list will be our go-to as the school year goes on, and we expect even more rad resources from the Cool Mom Team!

3. 2014 Fashion Trends For Kids. Ready to take a refresher course on kids fashion for the year? Whether you’re still in back to school mode or done until the holidays, this is a quick and easy read about little people’s little style.


4. The Infinite Difference Between the First and Second Day of School. Illustrated in photos. Prepare to see lots of little frowns.

5. Back to School Goodie Bags. We’re giving another one away right now and will be giving more back to school goodie bags out through the next few weeks. Where? Facebook. Why? Love for ya, mama.

6. The Preschooler’s and How Young Children Learn. This was a fascinating read! In the words of the writer, these are “five facts about how preschoolers’ brains develop, early learning, and essential things you should know as parents, teachers, and care-givers.”


6. Enjoy the Sun. Not quite a link now is it! It’s the end of summer – have some last pool time with the kids and turn your tan on. Enjoy the weekend, mamas!