3 Real Moms Share 10 Back to School Tips

by Totspot Team

We’ve officially entered August and the countdown is here. Depending on how old they are and where you live, your kids are going back to school either soonish or soon! Even if you’ve got your back to school MVPs and maybe even finished your back to school shopping, there are tips to help you get them up and at ’em efficiently and in style, and they may be simpler than you think.

We asked some awesome members of the Totspot community, with kids ranging from little little to teenagers, for their best back to school advice. Read on to learn some tricks from some real mom pros, and be sure to share yours with us in the comments below or on Twitter.


Jennifer (Totspot user @1socalmom): It probably goes without saying, but buy a little bigger! Kids grow fast and they need new clothes and shoes before you know it! Also, get jackets early in the season. After school starts, the busy holiday season is around the corner and you want to be prepared to send them out when there’s a little chill in the air.

Trina (Totspot user @loveandresell): The thing I can remember my mom doing with us (because we haven’t started school with our kids yet) is she made us go through the previous year’s items and decide on what REALLY needed to be replaced and what we could reuse. That way we didn’t end up with hundreds of spiral notebooks with only 5-10 pages used.

We would still have everything on our lists and clearly if our Trapper Keepers (hahaha!! So 80s!) were broken we would get new ones, but if we had crayons that could be used again, she didn’t buy a new pack.

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Faith (Totspot user @faithhickman): Buying supplies when on sale before school starts will save you a lot of money. Get your child a good pair of sneakers – they will need them! Spend a bit more on the shoes, that way they last longer because they will have them on all day.

back to school shopping tips from real moms and Totspot App.

Set clothes out the night before, kids tend to be tired and not want to pick out clothes early in the morning (especially teens haha!). Plan lunches on Sunday so it’s all planned and no need to worry “what is my little one going to pack today.” And always important get to bed at a good time and eat a good breakfast!

Good luck to all moms and my heart goes out to all moms that have their first or last baby going to kindergarten. It is bittersweet they seem to grow up faster when that foot hits the bus step. They may make new friends instead of just mom but they always come back to mom when they need of a snuggle buddy.

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Sarah (Totspot user @sarahk):  Piggybacking on Faith’s comment about buying early for school supplies, take advantage of the back to school sale going on for clothing right now! You don’t want to have to deal with shopping as the school year progresses, especially when the holidays hit, and things are less expensive now then they’ll be all year.


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