Kid Style Icon: Hail’s World

by Totspot Team

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It’s not easy being the most stylish preschooler in the school yard, but Haileigh, a 5-year-old Instagram star, is exactly that. Her mini style is not only chic enough for the throngs of followers (90k to be exact!), it’s also wearable enough for the playtime any girl her age needs. Basically, it’s a rare combination of being camera and duck, duck, goose-ready…all the time.

Since we’re all about back to school right now and some of you have school rookies (Pre-K!), we thought we’d highlight this little one’s style and shed light on her mama’s secret.

It isn’t about layering, wild prints, or even necessarily expensive duds – Haileigh is always well accessorized, whether she’s wearing some too cool sneaks, a sparkly piece of neck candy, or a stylish hat. It’s a trick that works on adults and little people alike.

Inspired by her fashion, we’ve picked out a number of back to school accessories that we’d bet Haileigh would approve of herself (with mom’s permission, of course). Click to be taken to the listing:

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