10 Back to School Deals at Up to 80% Off

by Totspot Team

We’ve talked about the crayons and coloring books that go in their little backpacks, but we haven’t talked about the little clothes on their backs. How are you doing with your back to school shopping? We hope you’re making good progress, mama!

Keeping your kid dressed in the best, most stylish threads can be a feat, and even more so if you have more than one. Drives back and forth to the mall, carrying bags, returning items they don’t like…whew. It isn’t just about finishing either. You want your children to look and feel their best. It’s important to all of us.

Fortunately though, making them look great doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With Totspot, you can save moolah and finish your back school shopping from the palm of your hand.

To help you get started, we’ve highlighted 10 killer deals we found on the Totspot App, featuring brands you know and love like Gap Kids and Mini Rodini, at up to 80 percent off retail price. There’s even more when you download the app, too.

Click any image to be shop the listing. Tweet us your back to school fashion questions, because our team loves to help!


buy-sell-used-kids-clothing-online-appBlu Pony Coat (Totspot Price: $70, Original price: $129)

Abercrombie Polka Dot Jeans (Totspot Price $12, Original Price: $50)


Gap Kids (Totspot Price: $30, Original Price: $54)

buy-sell-used-kids-clothing-Hatley Dinosar Rain Jacket (Totspot Price: $38, Original Price: $60, New with tags!)

buy-sell-used-mini-rodini-kids-clothing-appMini Rodini Pineapple Dress (Totspot Price: $35, Original Price: $67)

Gap Kids Cargo Shorts (Totspot Price: $13.50, Original Price $34.95)gap-jeans-sale-buy-used-kids-clothingRed Gap Kids Jeans (Totspot Price: $10, Original Price: $30, New with tags!)

gap-jeans-shorts-sell-used-kids-clothesYellow Gap Kids Shorts (Totspot Price: $8, Original Price: $25, New with tags!)

gap-tee-shirt-buy-sell-used-kids-clothesStriped Gap Kids T-Shirt (Totspot Price: $3, Original Price: $17)

buy-sell-used-kids-clothing-4Eyelet Gap Shirt (Totspot Price: $6, Original Price: $25)