10 Must-Haves for Back to School

by Totspot Team

For better or for worse, summer is singing its swan song and the school season is almost here. That means the end of finger painting and playing pretend, and the beginning of pencils and lined paper. Welcome back to the schoolroom.

If you’re a school newbie with a first time Pre-K student or even if you’re a little bit of a veteran, we’ve got to make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead. Today, we’re highlighting some of school’s MVPs (that’s most valuable players in case you were wondering!) so you can make that list and check it twice with Totspot. This list is the result of the great minds of many mamas (our Facebook friends), including some here at Totspot HQ.


1. Lunch Box and Backpack. For young kids, getting a lunch box and character backpack may be the most exciting thing in the world! If it isn’t already, try to play how thrilling it is to “be a big kid” and pick out a cool backpack with your favorite cartoon character on it. This Harajuku Mini one can be found on Totspot now.

2. Paper Products. Wet whips, tissues, paper towels – these are things kids need for some projects and some schools no longer provide them! Make sure they have everything they need to participate in everything they can.

3. Containers or Ziplock Bags. Different mamas on our Facebook seem to prefer different methods, but regardless you need to have a way to store this cool school gear. It can definitely accumulate.

4. Comfortable Shoes. We don’t want to harp on school clothing too much, but no article of clothing is more important than comfortable shoes. Our VP of Marketing, Samantha, says she always gets her kids the most comfortable shoes possible it effects how well kids can focus in class. Make sure they fit right even if they say they do. Our Facebook friend, Sarah, mentioned “having a friend who would scrunch her toes secretly to put on her favorite shoes for years. Her mom had no idea and she messed up her feet.” This pair came from Totspot user ThreeBoysCloset

5. Colors. A must for smaller children, help them light up their world with an array of crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

6. Pencil Cases. Piggy backing on the colors, they’ve got to have some place to stow their pencils be they for writing for coloring. We love the teddy bear one we picked out! This is another item kids get really excited about picking out. Our community manager remembers this one in particular to be her favorite purchase every year.

7. Thermos. For warm beverages and soups, this is another good one where they get to pick their own. Nothing is more joyous than watching a kid pick out their own school supplies, especially if this is their first time!

8. Folders. Folders are fun to have and buy for the littles and totally necessary for your older children. One of our Facebook friends, Alicia, mentioned that she color coordinates school gear for each subject, which we thought was really smart!

9. Safe Scissors. So their little hands can safely cut little stars out of construction paper. So cute.

10. Elmer’s Glue. Remember when you would stick some on your hand just to enjoy peeling it off? There’s something weirdly nostalgic about Elmer’s glue, and if you’re a little and still have to use it, well, we’re jealous of you (hey that rhymed!).