Heard ‘Round the Web: Back to School

by Totspot Team


1. The First Day of School Ever. Part hilarious, part sadness, Girl’s Gone Child captures every mother’s sentiments as they send their little ones off to the first day of school they’ll ever experience (and there’s a part two if you’re interested). Basically, it’s giggle-inducing and heart wrenching, and you should totally give it a read.

2. Geek Mom Gives Back To School Shopping Tips to the Find. Dakster Sullivan of Geek Mom gives some solid, practical advice here about setting a budget for back to school shopping, allowing your kids to have some trendy items, how to shop with kids of different ages, and getting the most bang for your buck.

3. Back to School Giveaway. We’re hosting a back to school goodie bag giveaway on our Facebook and all you need to do is answer this question. Last week’s winner, Amy, loved her prize so hurry up and join in!


4. Back to School Healthy Lunch Tips. Our friends over at Sassy Savvy Moms help you navigate the back to school lunchbox in a healthy and fun manner ( you know, so they’ll still eat it!).

5 Best Summer Night Games. There’s only so much of summer left, so make that last family reunion a memorable one for the littles. This will be a night they’ll never forget before what’s surely a school year they’ll never forget.


6. Totspot Back to School Sale.  ‘Tis the season for back to school shopping and you know Totspot’s gotcha covered! You can find your favorite Gap Kids or Mini Boden on Totspot for up to 70 percent off retail on a normal day, but right now we’re giving out additional gift credit – as much as $50! Details here.

7. Great Back to School Books…Preschool Through Middle School. Picnics, playdates, water gun fights – they love summer. Absolutely love it. So much so that maybe you feel like the Wicked Witch of the West when your little one starts crying about going back to school. One way to get them in the mood is to start them on some summer time reads that will prep them for the next grade. If they love it, well, there’s plenty more where that came from…next year (wink wink!).


Images via Girls Gone Child, Bentology