Seller Tips: Easy Indoor Photos

by Totspot Team

Once you find “your spot,” selling on Totpsot is smooth sailing. But if you haven’t yet, you may be struggling to figure out where to hang your kids item to photograph it. On the bed? On the dresser? On..oh brother!

Totspot user and friend loveandresell (aka Trina!) came up with an inexpensive and easy way to photograph your Totspot clothes indoor. All you need is a white board, a suction cup, the kids item and your phone. So crafty! In her own words:

“Hey mommas! Hope you’re having a good day! These dry erase boards should be going on sale for ‘Back to School’ and Target sells these suction cups in the bathroom section. (They’re about $3 for 2.) Talk about a quick fix!”
tip-for-taking-better-photos-1 tip-for-taking-better-photos-2 tip-for-taking-better-photos-3 tip-for-taking-better-photos-4