Kid Style Icon: Katie’s Diego

by Totspot Team

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Babies live a pretty active lifestyle. They’re learning how to get their little bodies up and down what seem like GIANT stairs. They’re running after the cat and wondering why can’t you just sit there while I pull your tail? They’re drawing all over their faces with blue marker. You know, the usual for little people!

There’s a reason why onesies are loved by babies and mamas alike – they’re just so practical for the tot life. And sure, you can get a packet of white or plain blue onesies, but wouldn’t you rather give him or her pint-sized, practical style?

That’s where little Diego comes in. The 1-year-old son of Katie from Mother Magazine, he and his mama are all about those stylish onesies. The first preference seems to be stripes, but a starry neon number and a faux tux aren’t beyond little Diego’s sartorial tendencies either. We can’t wait to see how his style evolves as he gets older, bigger, and obviously, even more stylish. In the meantime…onesies for all (1-year-olds)!


Images via Instagram