Pinspiration: The Look for Less

by Totspot Team

A long, busy weekend is upon us and I’m sure your kids couldn’t be more excited for the fun that’s about to ensue (especially if it tastes like this).  We’re hoping you’ve already got their July 4th outfits ready, but as they’re growing…what about two weeks from now when she no longer fits that Janie & Jack cardigan you just bought her?

That’s life with kids! In preparation for whatever size your little one is hitting next, here are three très chic summer outfits that were so highly acclaimed on Pinterest, we had to copy them using items from Totspot for your little kiddies. We’re pretty sure we nailed ’em. Enjoy.

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Shirt $3.75 + Jeans $17 + Shoes $15 = Total $35.75

Headband $7.50 + Overalls $6.25 + Shoes $5 = Total $18.75


Cardigan $5

Images via Junior Magazine, Gothamlove,  Pinterest