How to Throw a Great July 4th Picnic

by Totspot Team

America is turning 238 this July 4th but my she don’t look a day over 200. While this day means great things in our history as a country, in our houses it means one thing – picnics.

The 4th of July is a wonderful day in which we celebrate our country as well as our families and friends. Honestly, we can’t imagine a better day to honor our communities than America’s birthday, because unity is one of the many things we love about this country.

The kids on the other hand? Well, they just want their cupcakes. To prep you for all the togetherness that will surely ensue this weekend, we’re offering you 10 delicious ways to feed your family and friends for the 4th. All decked out in red, white, and blue, these treats and snacks lay on different places of the healthiness spectrum, but not the happiness one!

how-to-throw-a-4th-of-july-picnic-21. Cupcakes. Let’s head straight to what they want, because chances are you don’t let them have it often – cupcakes and sweets! We love how decadent these look, especially when laid nicely on your picnic table. The decoration is just a sprinkling of strawberries and blueberries. This isn’t only easy to accomplish, but hopefully adds a bit of a healthy element to a sweet dish.

If you’re up to it, you can try to make an entire American flag, too! Recipe here.

 2. Vegetable Tray and Dip. Was that too much of a sugar rush for you? We love this American flag veggie tray with dip because it doesn’t sacrifice any of the cute, but is a nice, healthy finger food option. Recipe here, but you could always just purchase dip to save some time (you know, that thing you never have a lot of?).


3. Strawberry-Marshmallow-Cupcake Skewers. Isn’t this the cutest idea ever? Unfortunately the link to the recipe for this one seems to be lost, but it’s as simple as putting mini cupcakes (store bought perhaps) on a skewer with strawberries and marshmallows that have seen some food coloring. For a healthier route, you could skip the cupcakes altogether and make skewers of just strawberries and marshmallows.


5. Lasagna. Because you can’t just eat finger food and sweets, try your hand at some Italian with an American twist. Recipe here.


6. Bundt Cake. Okay, so we’re not quite done serving up the sweets yet. The colors in this bundt cake are as festive and explosive as 4th of July fireworks and they simply make us oh so happy. Recipe here.



7. Red, White, And Blue Drinks. These red white and blue drinks are non-alcoholic and are so easy to make, you’ll be shocked and will pretty much want to drink like this everyday. Recipe here.4th-of-july-food

8. Watermelon on a Stick. I know, I know – we promised red, white, and blue, and this is so close yet so far away. Also what’s with the stick?

We want to provide a healthier option to some of the things we’ve listed above, and for some reason watermelon on a stick is a lot more enticing and exciting to the kids than plain ol’ watermelon in your hand. We absolutely promise.


9. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. These light treats are sure to be a hit and will be gone in minutes! Recipe here.


10. Patriotic Popcorn. This white chocolate popcorn is easy to make and surely will induce oohs and ahhs from your July 4th friends. However, we think this could be even easier if you were just to get some kettle corn and sprikle M&Ms on top. Recipe here if you’re up for the real thing though – we salute you!


For more July 4th ideas and ideas for entertaining in general, see our Pinterest.




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