Meet the #TotsOOTD Winner, Piper!

by Totspot Team

Earlier, we announced the winner of our #TotsOOTD Instagram Contest. The person behind our Instagram winner, PipersPetals, is named Kasie and her lovely daughter in the photo is Piper. We caught up with the mama of the bow-wearing Instagram star to learn a little more about Piper.


How old is Piper?

Piper is 19 months.

I love the name Piper! Does it have a cool story behind it?

I’ve always said I loved that name! I didn’t watch Charmed but I think that’s where I heard it. At that time it was very different. That’s not a cool story at all, haha! I was just hoping the her name would fit her because her dad didn’t like it at all!  I didn’t care. But I think her name is perfect for her personality. Piper Isabel D’luca and I call her Piper Belle.

Do you dress her or does she dress herself? How do you like to dress Piper? Are there colors and styles you gravitate towards for her?

Piper loves clothes so she pretty much let’s me dress her myself with no problem. I love dressing Piper in ruffled rompers & outfits with pretty trims. I would have to say jeggings and boots are my favorites! I never liked dressing her in outfits that screamed “baby!” Piper on the other hand loves SHOES and hats! She wants to pick out her shoes and for the most part its random.

What else does Piper love?

Piper loves water! Bath water, drinking water, the pool…the girl loves her water! She loves Minnie Mouse and she loves her Paw Paw! She enjoys dancing & books.

How did you find out about Totspot?

A friend told me about Totspot because I was searching for something similar to Posh but for kids. I wanted to start selling her clothes because she has containers full of really nice outfits that have never been worn or just worn once! So far I’ve enjoyed the app! I’m excited to watch it grow and hopefully meet some nice people along the way! 

Thank you for your time, Kasie!