6 Tricks to Take the Best Totspot Photos

by Totspot Team

Taking pretty pictures for your Totspot closet doesn’t require an SLR or any real photography skills – none of us have the time for that, and we get it. But your potential shopper wants to easily see what she’s buying so clear photos certainly do boost your sales.

Believe it or not, it’s actually really easy – all you need is a phone (which you already have to be using Totspot!) and these 6 tips and tricks.

1. Simple Background. Whether you choose to lay your item down or hang it, make sure it’s over a simple background and no other objects are peeking in. I use a white poster board that I got from the dollar store. Hanging it on a white wall only takes a push pin!


2. Straighten it Out. An easy one, make sure your item is neatly laid or hung before you photograph it.


3. Photograph it Head On. It’s a lot easier for people to see your items if you photograph them straight on, instead of from an angle. This means if you’re photographing an item on the floor, photograph from right above it, and if it’s hung, from right in front of it.


4. Light it. You don’t have to have professional lighting equipment! Just make sure to photograph your item near some natural light, like near a window. If it is a little bit dark you can still…


5. Edit it. There are so many great editing apps out there and many are totally free! You’d be surprised how much just a little brightening will effect your photo quality. We like Snapseed the best but Picfx and VSCOcam are great too.


6. Extra step: Style it. Some mom’s style the item they’re selling to give you an idea of what it will look like on your child. It isn’t completely necessary but it does make your item look nicer and help the future owner it know what to pair it with. Some sellers that do this often sell the entire outfit at once because people love the styling so much.

Images by users 1socalmom, marlierose, sammi.lam.18, tel_closet, threeboyscloset