10 Tips For a Successful Totshop

by Totspot Team

Totspot is growing just as fast as your little one is growing out of his or her shoes. We’re really excited for what’s on the horizon, and we’re even more excited to have you with us.

One thing is for sure – you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of your closet and become a top Totspot seller.

Becoming a top Totspot store isn’t magic, and to help you make the best use of your closet, we have some tried and true tips that we’d like to share with you today. Read on.image1. Network. Share and follow other people’s closets. Totspotters will usually share and follow back, meaning more eyes on your items and more sales.

2. Describe Your Listing For Search. A lot of people find what they want by searching. Describe your listing as much and as accurately as possible – that way it’ll appear in search results and you won’t have to go back and forth answering questions if all the information is already provided. Plus, if you accurately describe your item, you’ll have a happy shopper and probably a repeat shopper. A title like “Shirt” won’t come up as high as something like “Red Kitty Shirt” if that’s what the shopper is looking for.

3. Take Great Photos. Perhaps the most important point here, we cannot stress how important great photos are for your sales! A buyer will want to clearly see the item  before purchases. Items that are well lit, well edited, and well placed move much faster than items that aren’t photographed in such flattering ways. Use all five photo slots to shine more light on your item. More tips on that here.

4. Price to Sell. Ask yourself how much you’d be willing to pay for this gently used item if you were a shopper. Be flexible in your pricing by hearing out offers. If you are following all of the other tips here and your items aren’t selling, you may be pricing too high. Try reducing the prices of your items by just 20 percent and see if that helps them move.


image5. Offer Bundles. Bundling is also a great way to move clothing in larger amounts and quickly. If you see a mom like a lot of your items, offer her a deal and bundle. A bundle will save your buyer shipping, and offering a bundle discount will help you move items even faster. More details on bundling here.

6. List A Lot. Piggybacking off offering bundles, we’ve noticed that user who list more more than 10 items sell 50 percent more. Not only do you have a variety to show people and more chances to appear in people’s feeds, but people love to bundle.

7. Promote Your Shop. Promote your Totshop with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, text, and via email. Sellers who do this sell three times faster.
redlegging8. Answer Promptly. Answering a mom’s pressing question about your item could be the difference between selling it or not – if you wait too long, maybe she’ll lose interest or find it elsewhere. While we are all busy, especially as moms, try to get to your Totspot questions as early as you can.

9. Invite Your Friends. Selling is better with friends. Plus, every Totspot user has a unique invite code (found on your “Me” page in the app), and when your friends sign up using it, you both get a $2 Totspot credit.


10. Follow and Engage Our Editors. Our editors, Niki (user nikispicks) and myself (user SarahK) are here to help and showcase your awesome kid gear. There are so many of you, it can be hard for us to find and virtually meet you all, though we try. Follow us and talk to us, because we want to know you and your closet.

An editor can move an item to the front page and this is a great way to get exposure for your closet. Editors also may post your items on the Totspot Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, and this is also great exposure for you.


Images from Totspotters myonlysunshine, tel_closet, threeboyscloset, jmmartinez30, and whitneynl download