5 Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts

by Totspot Team

When I was a kid, Father’s Day was always the hardest. As a group, me, my mother, and my brother would always come together to find my dad a gift and it seemed to always be the same. A tie. A fancy toiletry set. A bottle of cologne.

It’s not that there weren’t great gifts, but they were a little tired and continue to be today. After my dad’s nth tie he finally told us not to worry about Father’s Day anymore – ouchie. In retrospect, that was a definite F- for our Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Well mama, Father’s Day is on Sunday and if the daddy of your household is tired of these tired, found-in-a-magazine-gift-guide gifts, we have a few ideas that are as easy to make as they are fun for the kiddos! And while they aren’t as expensive as a bottle of cologne or as flashy as a new tie, they are a good way to engage your kids in gift giving, and are anything but impersonal. Just think – when your son or daughter is your age now, these will be way more valuable than any toiletry set  or tie you could ever gift him with.


1. The Story of Me and My Dad. There are 46 pages to this book, to be filled out by big kids or maybe even little kids with the help of mom (heck, or mom can give it to her own dad – I don’t see why there should be an age limit to this!). You can tell daddy how much you appreciate him teaching you how to make the perfect eggs or thank him for always dealing with spiders.


2. Best Dad Ever Framed Photos. Personally, this is my favorite made-by-mommy-and-me gift here. The message is sweet and the frame can be hung and loved by all who pass by. As your children grow older and into their own homes, you’ll always have this lovely photo set to remember their childhood, as well as their undying affection for daddy. PLUS, you and the kids get to have all the fun of making the signs and posing for the pictures.


3. Personalized Mug. The blog I found this on suggested getting a mug from the dollar store, personalizing it with a Sharpie, and putting it in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour to make sure the ink doesn’t come off when washed. Instead of putting deodorant in it, we’d put Starbucks instant coffee packets, and instead of a mug from the dollar store, we’d get a better quality one. Many dollar store cups and plates contain lead and we don’t want that for your dad. In any case, it’s still a great idea!


4. Hands Frame. This is an easy one to do with a smaller child! Download this free printable, get a some paint and a frame from your local Target, and you have a wonderful craft that serves as a gift and memory of your little one’s littleness as he or she grows older. Isn’t this adorable?

5. Coloring Page. Here’s another easy one for a range of ages! Give your child this coloring page and watch them go! Coloring between the lines is only optional.

Images via Amazon, Pinterest, Cinyshopper, Catch My Party, Pinterest