Christmas on a Budget

by Totspot Team


 We are always looking for the hottest new technology to impart to our little ones.  They want, want, want the latest electronics, and, indulgently, the popular brands come out with shiny new devices every year.

Leap Frog/ Leap Pad is one example of a trendy educational product that comes out with a new version every year or so.  What does that mean for you?  Well, if you’re on TotSpot, it means you can find a slightly older version, nearly new, at half the price.

What about games and books?  Luckily most moms resell these items with the cartridges/books needed and maybe even a carrying case.   Not to mention the pricier educational brands will last for years and years—making them excellent resale items. Buy now, resell later!

TotSpot is your one stop shop to buy and sell with parents just like you. 

NEWEST UPDATE: TotSpot is now available nationwide.  Download it today at: