Cyber Monday

by Totspot Team

As ever more neighbors deck their halls with holly and lights by the day, our streets are are getting a little brighter each night.

Holidays, of course, are a special time of year reserved for family, food, giving and, lest we forget, shopping!

If you were one of those brave enough to venture out into the heaving hordes of unwashed masses this Black Friday, first of all, I hope you made it back safely, and secondly, that you found some great deals!

Being a little less adventurous myself, I prefer doing my holiday shopping come Cyber Monday.  Today we can sit in the safety of our own homes, and find great deals without ever having to get up off the couch.

Interesting fact: Cyber Monday hasn’t even been around all that long.  Check out this neat infographic for a quick history and some facts about Cyber Monday you probably haven’t heard before:


The long and short of it is, there are a lot of great deals to be had on the web today.  If you find that you went a little overboard in your shopping spree, however, or if some items just don’t seem right now that you give them a good look, there is always the option of reselling.  You can make a pretty penny reselling brand new items.  

Don’t want to deal with shipping? TotSpot allows you to purchase and exchange children’s items with parents in your area—meaning you can get your item faster and without excessive “handling fees.”

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So, download the app today, keep calm and carry on shopping. Wishing you the best deals the internet has to offer!

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