Making Room for Santa

by Totspot Team

With the holidays coming up, now’s the perfect time to clear the clutter and make room on your tot’s toy shelves for all the new treasures Santa will be bringing this year.  

Getting rid of old toys can be a hard concept for your little ones to wrap their heads around, though.  Especially for those kids not even comfortable sharing toys with their siblings.

Here are a few tips to ease the process:

Ask your kids to pick out a couple of toys they don’t use anymore.  If your tot shows reluctance, gently explain that the item is on its way for a new boy or girl to play with. Perhaps one who has less than they do. Resist grabbing it out of their hands and yelling, “you don’t even use this!”

  • Make sure you collect up old toys several days before you plan on selling them, in case there is a change of heart.
  • Never ask a child to part with their favorite toy. Some things retain even sentimental value long after the child has outgrown them. I even know some adults who still have their favorite childhood plush toy.
  • Keep the items out of sight so there isn’t any temptation for your child to get reattached to a toy s/he hasn’t played with in years.
  • If your tot seems entirely resistant to the whole idea of parting with anything, use your judgment, remove genuinely unused toys and stash them away when your child isn’t around. They’ll likely forget they ever liked the Teletubbies… and if they don’t, believe me, you’ll have bigger problems down the line.

Also, nothing makes giving old toys away easier than the promise of new things.

So if you’re looking to make room (and a bit of cash) for Santa’s new stash of goodies, TotSpot can help. Remember, you can buy and sell all those gently loved kids’ toys, clothes, gear and more to and from parents in your neighborhood via the TotSpot App.

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