Gearing Up for Winter

by Totspot Team

Winter is coming! Or, maybe I’m just excited for the next season of Game of Thrones, because, clearly, it is already winter outside.  We all know how hard it is to leave the house in the morning with the temperature on the steady decline—and those frosty morning can be even harder on your tot.

Here are a five baby winter essentials to help your little one weather the winter:

  • Stroller cover: Add an extra layer to protect your baby from the elements.  Remember a rain cover can be used even when it’s not raining.  The cover locks in heat and blocks the wind too.
  • Booties: When socks just aren’t enough, it’s time to buy a warm pair of boots.  If your tot is active, you should stick to a sturdier pair of boots.  Not walking yet? Get something cute and fuzzy now before puddles become too enticing.
  • Footed pajamas: Footies, as we call ‘em, are the absolute best for those cold nights—FYI, they make them in adult sizes too!
  • Emergency car kit: As the cold sets in, it’s good to have an emergency kit ready to go in your car.  Items should include warm blankets, first aid kit, water, extra diapers, formula, spare hat and gloves, flashlight with extra batteries and a cell phone charger.
  • Moisturizer: Don’t forget that winter takes a lot out of our skin and even more out of our babies.  Look for lotions for sensitive skin that don’t contain perfume, artificial colors or irritating preservatives.

Looking for other winter essentials like kids’ clothes, boots, hats, strollers, car seats and more?  The TotSpot App has what you need, at a price your growing family can afford.