Leftover Halloween Candy?

by Totspot Team


A week has passed since your kids were out tricking the neighborhood. The bag has been scoured and picked through a number of times, but you are still left with that pile of uneaten candy. 

Here are a few things you can do with your extras:

  • Bake with it: Use the Halloween candy as ingredients or toppers for a variety of baked goods. Here are 10 recipes you can try to get rid of the excess.  Candy Corn and Pretzel Bark? Yes, please!
  • Donate it: There are local food banks and organizations that would happily accept your donation.
  • Freeze it: Most candy, especially chocolate, freezes rather well.  Toss them in a plastic zip bag and enjoy it several months down the line. Pop them on your ice cream for a special frozen treat.
  • Get creative: Gummy bears and candies can easily become decoration for gingerbread houses or Christmas garlands.  And, don’t forget about the flashing Lifesaver in the dark trick!

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